In this episode of The Fuel Podcast, Keith Smith, Managing Director, The Advertist, interviews Isobel Arrowsmith MPRCA, Director of The America, PRCA, about business development COVID-19.

Covering everything from media consumption to website development, and free events to desert island discs, this session has it all!

In this episode of the Creative Culture podcast interview series, Paul Duncanson interview Gustavo Aguiar, Marketing Transformation Director Brazil, Johnson & Johnson. He leads marketing operations, e-commerce initiatives and digital transformation and shares insights on the market during this critical time in history.

Francis Ingham MPRCA, Global Director General, PRCA, joins the PRmoment ‘PR Reset’ series about how the PR world and the wider economy might reset post the COVID-19 lockdown.

Ingham believes approximately 5,000 UK PR people are likely to be made redundant and claims: “The majority of people on furlough within our industry have no idea what’s coming their way”. Ingham also reveals the PRCA will come out of the COVID lockdown about 25% down in revenue year on year.

See the panel discussion from the PRCA Virtual International Summit featuring:

  • PRCA Latin America Chairman and Regional Director of Ketchum Argentina, Gustavo Averbuj CMPRCA
  • Founding and Managing Director of Comms8, Carol Chan MPRCA
  • President and CEO of the Institute of Public Relations, Tina McCorkindale
  • Global Director, Reputation Intelligence at Kantar, Petra Masinova

“The term ‘new normal’ looks for assurances and stability – we are in an unstable scenario and we do not know the answers. Instead, we should learn how to live in these uncertain times.” – Gustavo Averbuj CMPRCA

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See the panel discussion from the PRCA Marcomms Group event featuring:

  • PRCA Global Director General, ICCO Chief Executive, and LGComms Executive Director, Francis Ingham MPRCA
  • British Promotional Merchandise Association Interim Chief Executive Officer, Carey Trevill
  • International SOS Group Marketing Director, Nick Jones
  • Shallcross Partners Ltd. Partner, Chris Hall
  • Infosys Consulting Chief Marketing Officer, Chris Fiorillo 

“One of the great things I have seen recently is the willingness of people to share insight – even of rivals to share insight with one another – and that has been a really positive development and something that I hope sticks around when we are in better times.” – Francis Ingham MPRCA

See the Q+A session with Mike Paul, President of Reputation Doctor, and Michael Collins MPRCA, Communications Manager for PRCA.

“When you first heard about the pandemic you first thought about your immediate family like every person in the world did […] Your other family are your employees – did you call anybody of colour that works for you?” – Mike Paul

See the Q+A session with Greame Leach, CEO and Chief Economist, Macronomics and Rod Cartwright FPRCA, Founder, Rod Cartwright Consulting.

“What’s the world going to be like post-COVID? How does it stay the same and how does it differ? What are the short-term effects and what are the longer and more enduring effects? These open up a host of possibilities around the future and thought leadership … We’re talking about technology and operating with greater agility and lots of lateral thinking.” – Graeme Leach

PR Lessons Learned Along the Way: Strategies, Tips & Advice for the Higher Ed and Nonprofit Public Relations Professional

The book is available in print and Kindle formats via Amazon Books.

“Marc Whitt’s book, PR Lessons Learned Along The Way, is truly remarkable – and I say that having reviewed many PR books in my time. The advice ‘Maintain a good sense of humor. It will always see you through life’s ups and downs’, has surely never been more apt than today, with so much bad news around us. And yet the optimism that runs through this book is precisely what we need right now, and is also precisely true. Our profession’s embrace of professionalism; of constant improvement; and of strategy make it -as Whitt argues- indispensable. PR is a conversation, not a lecture. And reading this book feels exactly that – one expert having a conversation with his readers, and imparting the knowledge of decades along the way.” Francis Ingham MPRCA, Global Director General, PRCA