The PRCA was founded in London in 1969 and launched PRCA LATAM in 2020 with the aim of raising standards in PR and communications, providing members with industry data, facilitating the sharing of communications best practice, and creating networking opportunities.

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PRCA LATAM runs on-demand training with a series of highly interactive 90 minute ‘webinars’. We offer webinars in all disciplines of PR and courses run at introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels, all of which can be purchased in English, Spanish, or Portuguese (subject to translation turn-around). We also provide face to face sessions and bespoke training.

Building a New Purpose in Tourism With PR

Written by Frank Marr, AM+A Marketing and Media Relations  The world has changed, consumers plan a holiday or journey with complex selection of searches, finding deals,

#WeLeadComms is about changing the terms of how people define, understand and practice leadership as communication professionals.

Find out more: http://ow.ly/cymh50FImZJ

Our 2021 #GWPRAnnualIndex has gone live

The last 18 months have been a time of massive change, but how has the pandemic impacted women working in PR and Communications around the world?
For working women everywhere, it has been extremely challenging


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